About us

Our business was started back in 2003 when a high school project prompted Philip to present on "Something Special from Wisconsin" for his FFA class. At that time he was working at a local cafe and started talking with one of the regular customers, Dave Foster, who lived in the area and kept honeybees. After their conversation, Philip decided honey would be the product to present on for his FFA class.

The interest sparked by this project didn't stop once completed. Philip continued to speak with Dave about honeybees. In time he began to learn the importance of pollination, how to manage a hive of honeybees, and of course how to make and harvest honey. A year after that, Philip purchased his very first colonies.

Today, Philip along with his wife Katie run around 200 hives in Elkhart Lake and the surrounding areas. The majority of the honey their bees produce comes from basswood trees, black locust, and yellow and white clover. The colonies are overwintered in Wisconsin, meaning they are kept in the state all year long. Philip and Katie strive to maintain healthy honeybees and produce a quality, natural honey for their customers.